More commonly today, specific operations are becoming no longer available through the NHS, and the ones that are available can have a long wait. Sometimes, with new restrictions being introduced this means you may not even be eligible for treatment.

Self Pay

Fixed priced procedures are available for most procedures at The Foscote Private Hospital. Fixed prices include routine pre-operative investigations, your accommodation, nursing care, drugs and dressing, theatre fees, prosthesis, Inpatient physiotherapy, surgeon’s fees and anaesthetists fees. (Outpatient consultations are additional.)

Fixed prices are to be paid before a procedure is carried out, quotations of prices are available on request. We are happy to give guide prices to patients over the telephone or some of our prices packages can be viewed on the Self Pay page .

Fixed prices are confirmed following your first consultation, we charge between £150-250 for a first consultation with one of our knowledgeable professionally experienced consultants. Please note, prices cannot be confirmed until after your initial consultation. Occasionally a price may require adjusting following the results of pre-operative investigations. Our aim is to offer a high quality service at a competitive cost.

Please note that the initial consultation and diagnostic charges are not included in the self-pay package prices.

We accept the following methods of payment: cash, cheques, bank giro credit and credit/debit cards.

Contact the Business Office on 01295 252281 from 9am – 5pm for all invoice queries and quotations for fixed price packages

Privately insured patients

Private medically insured patients will require authorisation from their insurers prior to appointment at the Foscote Hospital.

The hospital will charge the insurance provider for all insured items. The patient may be charged for un-insured items such as take-home drugs, walking sticks, etc.

A number of insurance providers such as BUPA, AXA PPP, Simply Health, Cigna, Avivia, and Helix may require patients to pay an excess. The patient will be informed of the excess in due course.


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