Gynaecology / Women’s Health

The Foscote Private Hospital has four gynaecologists who deal with the medical practice of the health of the female reproductive systems.

Our experienced consultant gynaecologist are Mr Jonathan Nicholls, Mr Hikmat Naoum Mr Raheem and Miss Uloma Okwuosa.  To gather an insight of the consultant and view their biographies, click on each of their names.

Common conditions referred to The Foscote Private Hospital include endometriosis, menorrhagia, fibroids, vaginal and uterine prolapse, uterine and endometrial polyps, and ovarian cysts.

The Foscote Private Hospital offers all patients a calm and friendly environment to provide a high quality personalised service.

We endeavour to provide individual care from the same consultant throughout treatment.

Referrals can be made via fax, email or post. Please check with the reception of The Foscote Private Hospital for further information of when consultants are available.

To enquire about an appointment click here or contact The Foscote Private Hospital team by clicking this link: Contact The Foscote.