GP Referrals Area

Administrative Requirements for NHS e-Referrals at The Foscote Private Hospital 

A referral letter should be attached within 3 working days. Please include details of:

  • current conditions
  • medications
  • all relevant medical and past surgical history
  • the patient’s BMI and most recent BP reading.

Please notify us if the patient has an existing MRSA / Blood Borne Virus / Bleeding Disorder.

Please also notify us if the patient has known drug / alcohol dependency.

Exclusion Criteria for routine choose and book patients (as per agreement with Department of Health under Any Willing Provider contract):

  1. A patient with incapacitating disease that is a constant threat to life
  2. A patient who has unstable mental condition and is receiving psychiatric treatment
  3. A patient who is grossly obese with a Body Mass Index >40
  4. Surgery for patients under 18 years of age

Specific exclusion criteria

Gynaecology – IVF/Termination of pregnancy/Cancer
General surgery – Rectal prolapse / Faecal incontinence / Complex pilonidal sinus
Orthopaedic – Hip arthroscopy
Cancer for all clinics/No two week wait

Criteria for pre-assessing patients requiring admission at The Foscote Private Hospital

Patients with the following medical problems will not be accepted:

  • Paediatric patients
  • Uncontrolled Diabetic
  • Uncontrolled Hypertension
  • Uncontrolled Asthma
  • Recent MI – within the last 6 months
  • Renal patients requiring Dialysis
  • Unstable mental conditions and receiving psychiatric treatment
  • Patients who have had a CVA – within the last 6 months
  • Sickle cell / Thalassaemia positive
  • Body Mass Index over 40
  • Incapacitating disease which is life threatening

The following patients would be seen by the Pre-Assessment nurses and referred for an anaesthetic assessment prior to acceptance for surgery:

  • Patients with known unstable COPD
  • Any previously reported anaesthetic problems e.g difficult intubation
  • Abnormal ECG
  • Positive Angiogram

This list is not exhaustive and all patients will be assessed for suitability for surgery via our Pre-admission Health Questionnaire + Assessment