Infection Control

All of our inpatients are nursed in single occupancy, en suite rooms, to reduce and control the risk of infection. Our infection rates are extremely low – this is something we are very proud of and make every effort to maintain.

In 2013 we introduced PLACE (Patient Led Assessment of the Care Environment), which is the new system for assessing the quality of the patient environment. The assessments involve patients and staff, who assess the hospital and how the environment supports patient’s privacy and dignity, food, cleanliness and general building maintenance. It focuses entirely on the care environment and does not cover clinical care provision or how well staff are doing their job.


The results show how hospital is performing nationally and locally.  Results of the hospital showed that we were achieving the high standards of cleanliness and infection control we aspire to and, that our patients felt that we treated them with dignity whilst maintaining their privacy.

We have had:

  • Zero cases of MRSA bacteraemia in the last year (NHS 1.17cases/100,000 bed days).
  • Zero cases MSSA bacteraemia cases /100,000 bed days
  • Zero cases E.coli bacteraemia cases/ 100,000 bed days
  • Zero cases of hospital apportioned Clostridium difficile in the last 12 months.