Private Patients

Many people feel they have two choices when it comes to treatment in hospital… either via the NHS or with private medical insurance, but at The Foscote Private Hospital, we enable you to go private and pay for your treatment yourself.

Presently many operations in the NHS are no longer available or are restricted – with long delays. At The Foscote Private Hospital we can offer a solution to being on a long waiting list. By choosing to pay for your own treatment yourself, you can start getting better before you get too much worse.

You do not have to be insured to come to The Foscote Private Hospital, in fact many of our patients choose to pay for their treatment themselves. Having a GP referral is not always a necessary, so call The Foscote Private Hospital and see if we are able to offer you an appointment for any self-funded treatment.

For more details on Self Pay treatment click here.

However if you do have medical insurance to cover the cost of your procedure, then you need to liaise closely with your insurance provider throughout your treatment. You need to be aware of the terms of your policy and let us know of any limitations.

For more details about Paying via Medical Insurance click here.


We know it’s useful to have a guide on pricing, so you can have a look at our list of guide prices in the first instance. However because our consultants will tailor the treatment they recommend to the specific patient’s needs, please call us on 01295 220425 to get a bespoke quote