Self-pay for physiotherapy & ultrasound

Don’t wait in pain. You can self-refer and self-pay to avoid long waits for the following physiotherapy and ultrasound (radiology) services and treatments here, so you can call and book straightaway.

Physiotherapy – diagnosis and treatment for:

  • neck and back injuries
  • work-related conditions
  • sprains and strains
  • arthritic and rheumatic conditions
  • women’s health problems
  • neurological conditions
  • rehabilitation following surgery or hospital admission.

Physiotherapy fees

  • £52 – Initial 45-minute appointment
  • £42 – 30-minute follow-up appointments

Radiology – ultrasound scans for:

  • shoulder and knee injuries
  • arthritic and rheumatic conditions
  • foot and heel problems
  • Carpal Tunnel syndrome
  • hernias
  • abdominal conditions
  • hip and pelvis problems.

Ultrasound fees

From £270 (please contact us for a quote on your specific condition)

All of our teams are highly qualified and experienced professionals, providing excellent quality care in our friendly and comfortable private hospital.

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