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Total Hip Replacement Physiotherapy

At The New Foscote Hospital Physiotherapy department, we see a lot of patients before and after total hip replacement surgery. We pride ourselves on our ability to see our patients from preoperative assessment through to postoperative care on the ward and then physio outpatients appointments after your discharge.

You will be given exercises by your physiotherapist; this will help get your joint and muscles moving after the operation. Therefore, it’s important to start these exercises before your operation. Once you have been discharged from the ward, we will arrange a date to see you in physiotherapy outpatients. Here we will advise you to get you back to walking independently.

Important considerations

The first six weeks:

  • No crossing your legs.
  • No pivoting on your operated leg.
  • You will want to limit hip flexion (do not bring your knee beyond your hip) to 90 degrees. This means it is important to have a good look at the height of your chair, bed, toilet. To make sure your hip does not sink below your knee.


  • If your chair is too low, you can try:

Putting a cushion on your chair, raising the height with a leg raiser, or borrowing another chair


  • Toilet being too low:

We may be able to issue you a raised toilet seat during your stay with us. Feel free to contact us to see if this is covered by your stay. Another option is a raised toilet seat with a frame, this will help if you are struggling to get up from the toilet.


We will arrange a preoperative discussion with the physiotherapy team, to go over any questions you may have, but it is also important to discuss your return home with your family/friends. As you will be discharged home with a pair of crutches or frames, you may struggle to prepare food from scratch, carry cups of tea or meals from one area to the next. Please contact the Physiotherapy department to discuss any questions you may have regarding your safe discharge home.

Some things you may need:

  • Ice pack(s)
  • Raised toilet seat with or without a frame
  • Perching stool
  • Walking aid – pair of crutches or frame
  • Walking frame with a caddy
  • Extended shoehorn
  • Leg lift
  • Handy grabber
  • Sock aid

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