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Our registered dietitian assesses, diagnoses and treats many different bowel and digestive disorders and diseases, food intolerances and allergies.

The dietitian will ask you about your lifestyle and your eating habits and will ask questions about your health, home life and other contributing factors which can affect your food intake.

Becoming aware of what you eat and how food impacts your lifestyle is important to managing and maintaining any changes you want to make. The dietitian will discuss with you whether you are ready to make such changes and will draw up an appropriate plan for doing so.

Our dietitian works with people who:

  • have digestive problems
  • want to lose weight
  • pre and post-operative nutritional support
  • have an eating disorder
  • want to improve their sports performance
  • have an allergy
  • pre-conceptual nutrition
  • hyperlipidaemia
  • osteoporosis

FODMAP advice is to help you understand what to eat in the hope that you are reducing fermentation in the gut. Fermentation happens when naturally occurring gut bacteria break down certain foods, and produce gasses such as carbon dioxide, hydrogen and methane. If you are susceptible to the fermentation process this can cause troublesome gut problems.

Bariatric advice is support for nutritional management in preparation or follow-up to gastric bypass surgery.

Dietetic Services

  • Diet Advice
  • Nutritional Support
  • FODMAP Advice
  • Bariatrics

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