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What are the benefits of knee replacement surgery?

Your knee is aching and you’re in constant pain. You’ve been recommended for total knee replacement surgery. So what should you expect if you decide to go ahead with it?

Pain Relief

There are many advantages to knee replacement surgery for people who’re suffering from an injured or arthritic knee joint. The most obvious benefit to knee replacement surgery is ridding yourself of constant pain in and around your knee. Relieving this pain alone will allow you to return to your daily activities without the worry of how arduous these activities will be with an injured or arthritic knee. The surgery will ease the pain when undertaking tasks such as walking, running, standing, sitting and lifting things – all activities that we take for granted with a healthy knee. Relieving this pain will also lift a burden off of you emotionally – allowing you to put maximum effort into other areas of your life.

Improved Mobility

Improvements in your overall mobility is also another advantage when undertaking a knee surgery. Following surgery and the proceeding physiotherapy, you should regain mobility in your knee. You will find it easier to walk longer distances and engage in lighter exercise, depending on your age and overall health. Surgery is certainly appropriate for you if you cannot walk longer than 5-10 minutes without experiencing uncomfortable pain and your consultant recommends a knee replacement as a solution. Physiotherapy is a key part of the recovery process but with persistent efforts in undertaking recommended exercises, you should have a wider range of mobility in your knee going forward.

High Success Rates

Total knee replacement surgery is now a very common procedure with over a million procedures taking place since the National Joint Registry’s records began. Due to the high frequency of this procedure, lots of advancements have been made. As a result, the procedure is continually seeing higher success and satisfaction rates. With this in mind, you can be assured that you’re committing to a surgery that is performed safely around the world every day with minimal risks, including at The New Foscote Hospital.

Get Seen Quickly

If you’re looking to use your health insurance or prefer to self-pay, you may be eligible for surgery quicker than you think. If your job or lifestyle demands you to be on your feet then you may want to book yourself in for surgery sooner rather than later. At The New Foscote Hospital, you can be seen quickly by our consultants at your convenience. Our orthopaedic consultants have years of medical experience and renowned expertise in knee treatments.

If you’re interested in talking to one of our consultants about your knee or you would like to move forward and book yourself in for a knee replacement by the advice of your GP, then do not hesitate to call us on 01295 252281 or email us on