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Member of the Akessa Healthcare Group

The New Foscote Hospital

A private hospital in Banbury, Oxfordshire, where recognising that every patient is unique makes medicine work.

Nurse speaks with a patient in their private room


A surgeon looks at a monitor in theatre

Advanced facilities ensure that treatment is available across the field of medicine, to offer our patients complete support:.

Hospital Departments

Tests & Scans

An MRI technician looks at scans on their computer

On site access to MRI, ultrasound, x-ray and more brings prompt diagnosis. The key to good treatment and speedy recovery:

Medical Tests & Scans

About Our Hospital

A consultant speaks with a nurse in the hospital corridor

Learn more about patient care, from private rooms and dedicated staff, to the benefits of a supportive management team:

A Professional Hospital
Seating in the reception area at The New Foscote Hospital
A private hospital room at The New Foscote Hospital

An Exceptional Environment

Clinical excellence should be part of high quality private healthcare. Our team provide this and more for your hospital visit, to set aside any stressful feelings and help with recovery.

Good communication leads the way, to keep patients well informed. Staff are chosen due to their experience and an ability to relate to patients, from understanding medical needs, to how detail can matter:

  • Private consultation and visitor friendly accommodation.
  • Newly refurbished, state of the art surgical theatres
  • Every facility in house, from physio to a fine kitchen.

Providing good food matters, as do exceptional levels of cleanliness and our pleasant garden setting. The best medical care leads the way but if you feel comfortable and relaxed, a better outcome follows.

Supporting Patients

The New Foscote Hospital provides treatment to insured, or self pay patients, across Oxfordshire and beyond. You can often self refer, or we welcome referrals from GPs and work with local practices.

They appreciate the quick access to diagnosis and treatment the New Foscote offers their patients. If this requires ongoing care, our team understand that patients may want others to be involved.

  • Friends, or family can attend consultations if you wish.
  • On site parking and visitors welcome for much of the day.
  • Tea and coffee are freely available, or a meal for guests.

Knowing that those around you are being taken care of is one less concern. They will be able to see that you are receiving the best possible support, from all our staff and experienced specialists.

A nurse talks with a patient in their private room

We accept both insured & self-pay patients

Consultant offering advice

Consultant Led Private Clinics

Short waiting times, good medical facilities and a friendly environment are a great start. To truly make this work for patients, you need to add in uncommon levels of skill and experience.

The team of specialists at our Oxfordshire private hospital are renowned consultants and consultant surgeons. From your first visit, to however many stages of care you need, they are there to support you.

Almost every medical discipline you could imagine is represented, creating an opportunity for knowledge to be shared where this will benefit patients. Far better than waiting for critical input.

Our consultants enjoy their time at the New Foscote, from working with colleagues and staff they trust, to accessing facilities they value. Above all, they are pleased to know their patients will be looked after.

Our Consultants

For a consultation, a medical procedure, or surgery, a team of over 50 specialists offer the finest standards of professionalism and care.

The Akessa Healthcare Group

The New Foscote Hospital in Banbury is part of a group of leading medical facilities including:

The Maxillofacial Clinic, 107 Harley Street

A centre for the treatment of oral and facial conditions.

The Royal Buckinghamshire Hospital, Aylesbury

Specialists in neurological, spinal and orthopaedic care.

The main entryway to The New Foscote Hospital
The Royal Buckinghamshire Hospital, Aylesbury
Front door of 107 Harley Street

GP Referrals

Referring patients to the New Foscote Hospital brings them faster access to the high quality care they need. From staff who work with you to support them.

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