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Member of the Akessa Healthcare Group

About The New Foscote Hospital

Dedicated to providing exceptional medical care and patient support, in a welcoming environment.

The main entryway to The New Foscote Hospital

A Patient First Philosophy

Our hospital was opened in 1981, by HRH The Duchess of Kent. For many years a charitable trust managed the hospital, committed to providing first class healthcare to the people of Banbury and Oxfordshire.

Four decades of dedication passed by and at the same time medicine advanced. The trust had always tried to keep up with developments but more investment was required, to provide the best care.

In 2019, the hospital transferred to Akessa Healthcare, a family investment fund which would maintain the hospital’s ethos and progress.

Foscote Hospital became The New Foscote Hospital, through a process the CQC described as a transformation. A comprehensive renovation of practical and medical facilities.

State of the art equipment is in place, new treatment areas and rooms for patients. A fine management and consultancy team still focus on the trust’s original intent, “to provide quality and value”.

Surgeons in discussion outside theatre

A hospital is built on the staff they choose.

A technician operating the MRI machine
A nurse takes a patient's blood pressure

Diagnosis & Treatment

Many factors combine to bring our patients a return to health, although offering the finest medical care will always lead the way.

  • On Site Diagnostics

    Having MRI, ultrasound, X-Ray and endoscopy in house makes such a difference. We know they are well run, bringing accurate diagnosis and prompt care for patients.

  • Medical Treatment

    Personal treatment plans are created for our patients because individual care succeeds. From carefully chosen curative treatment, to physio, or advice for the future.

  • Surgical Facilities

    Our experienced consultant surgeons and modern theatres come together. To provide surgery which is safe, effective and focused on the quickest possible recovery.

Levels Of Patient Care

Exceptional patient care creates a good experience and reduces stressful feelings, contributing to a quicker return to health.

  • Dedicated Staff

    Every member of our team, from your consultant to cleaning, or maintenance staff have an effect on outcome. The reason we choose people carefully and then look after them.

  • Private En-suite Rooms

    Patients rooms provide the space you need to feel comfortable and to welcome your visitors, for as long as you wish. They can be a key factor in treatment decisions and recovery.

  • Freshly Cooked Meals

    Nutritious, delicious food during your stay is a pleasure and a health benefit. The reason we have an on site kitchen, where our Head Chef prepares fresh meals for patients and staff.

A private room at The New Foscote Hospital
A chef prepares fresh food in the kitchen

Our Valued Staff

Every staff member at The New Foscote Hospital plays a role in our success, from consultants, to the nursing team and admin staff who support them.

A consultant takes notes on a computer

The Management Team

There to provide expertise to ensure that every aspect of the hospital is performing to the highest of standards.

Professional Support
Staff in discussion over a file

Our Consultants

A team of over 50 highly respected consultants provide diagnosis and treatment across every field of medicine.

Experienced Specialists

Join the Team

Interested in joining our valued team at The New Foscote Hospital? Visit our careers page to look for opportunities in clinical and non-clinical roles.

The Akessa Healthcare Group

The New Foscote Hospital in Banbury is part of Akessa Healthcare, which includes:

The Maxillofacial Clinic, 107 Harley Street

A centre for the treatment of oral and facial conditions.

The Royal Buckinghamshire Hospital, Aylesbury

Specialists in neurological, spinal and orthopaedic care.

The main entryway to The New Foscote Hospital
The Royal Buckinghamshire Hospital, Aylesbury
Front door of 107 Harley Street

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