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CMA Compliance

Hospital services provided for consultants – CMA Compliance

In October 2014, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) published the Private Healthcare Market Investigation Order 2014 (the ‘Order’). Following its investigation into the private healthcare industry, the Order imposed requirements on private hospital operators to disclose certain information for the benefit of patients, in relation to referring clinicians. Full details about the investigation, the Order and CMA Compliance can be found here. The information below is provided by The  New Foscote Hospital as required by the CMA Compliance order.

Higher-Value Services that are provided by The New Foscote Hospital Limited

Consultants are charged £15 per hour for using consulting rooms at this hospital (except in relation to NHS patients), which represents a fair market rate. Consulting rooms are made available on a non-discriminatory basis and on equivalent terms in accordance with the Order.

We do provide secretarial support for our consultants.

Secretarial support for Consultants at The New Foscote Hospital includes:

  • Diary Management
  • Clinic Lists
  • Letter typing

The above secretarial support is offered to all consultants at a rate of 15% of the first £100,000 of earnings during the year.

Consultants may take all or part of the offer.

Low-Value Services that are provided by The New Foscote Hospital Limited

We provide a number of support services to our consultants, for which we do not make a charge.

General Services are provided to ensure clinical safety including:

Chaperone support, in-house training, operational services to ensure a smooth patient pathway as part of normal business such as patient admission, administrative and billing, and insurance and indemnity cover in respect of the treatment of NHS patients.

Basic Workplace Amenities are provided including:

Stationery, free tea and coffee, subsidised meals on site, free car parking, to the extent that they are available to staff and persons working at the facility generally.

General Marketing & Promotional Services including but not limited to:

Production of consultant directories and website profiles (digital and print), production of general marketing material (digital and print) as well as literature, general promotional events such as hospital based and offsite seminars.

Equity Participation Schemes

There are no consultants with financial interests in equipment used or services and facilities operated within or at The New Foscote Hospital Limited.

Corporate Hospitality Events for Referring Clinicians

The New Foscote Hospital Limited does not host or contribute to corporate events for referring clinicians.

Services Arrangements

There are no consultants holding part-time positions at The New Foscote Hospital Limited.

Clinician Advisory Services

There are no paid services provided by referring clinicians to The New Foscote Hospital Limited, in addition to their exercising Practising Privileges at this hospital.

Further Information

Further useful outcome statistics for The New Foscote Hospital Limited can be seen on the Private Healthcare Information Network website here.