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Direct Access To Physiotherapy

Physiotherapist and patient at New Foscote Hospital

Back, or neck pain, joint pain, tendonitis, or sports injuries are part of life. You understandably want them to be professionally treated, to restore freedom of movement and end debilitating pain.

Visiting your GP seems a logical step, although with the pressures GPs are facing, there may be a delay in getting an appointment. More time can elapse, while a referral to a physiotherapist is organised.

Did you know that physiotherapy is a medical field where self referral is possible and rational. Neither do you need to be concerned about the care you will receive, with the right approach.

Finding A Physiotherapist

There are perfectly able physiotherapists working independently, although the level of qualification and standard of care can vary.

As you would want a doctor to be registered with the BMA, ensuring a physiotherapist is properly registered matters. The Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) is their main regulator.

They set standards for training and practice, approving programmes professionals must complete. The HCPC keep a UK wide register and take action if registered physiotherapists do not meet required standards.

HCPC registration should feature in your choice, along with finding a chartered physiotherapist. This gives a guarantee on higher levels of academic and professional training, with experience to match.

Of course everyone has to learn a profession but at the New Foscote, we choose to employ fully registered, chartered physiotherapists. Wherever you are, finding the equivalent may make sense.

Benefiting From Facilities

Qualified physiotherapists are musculo-skeletal specialists. They treat the type of injury mentioned earlier, along with far more and do so in a way where the health of your entire body is paramount.

Their skills are the core need, although practicing in a hospital facility can assist. A gym and specialised treatment equipment may be available, along with the knowledge of other medical professionals.

A good physiotherapist will treat most patients through their own expertise but being able to liaise with consultants on site could help, or talking to their own colleagues.

In any medical field, shared knowledge benefits patients, by assisting with an individual case, or by ensuring staff keep up with developments.

Suitable Support & Location

Choosing direct access to physiotherapy helps to lower your GP’s load and gives you control. The decision provides choice, on who treats you and where.

At The New Foscote Hospital in Banbury, our in house physiotherapy team treat injuries, or neurological conditions. They help orthopaedic patients to recover natural movement, in as short a time as possible.

Available treatments include manual therapy, exercise therapy, shockwave therapy and acupuncture, or a combination of those. The focus is always on promoting healing, for current health and to prevent further injury.

If we are accessible to you, by all means take a look at the work of our physiotherapy department. Wherever you are, please find the best professional support.

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