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Visiting Our Patients

A warm welcome is extended to anyone visiting our patients, we know how important you are.

A Receptionist in the reception area at The New Foscote Hospital

Travelling To The Hospital

Our hospital is on the southern outskirts of Banbury. If you are driving, entering the postcode OX16 9XP in your sat nav should help, or click on the F icon on the map for directions from Google.

Where you are travelling by train, to Banbury station, the hospital is about three quarters of a mile away. A bus service is available and taxis are based at the station.

If you are coming by car to provide transport for a patient, please feel free to use the upper car park. This is reserved for patients, as there is easy access to the hospital.

Disabled visitors are welcome to use marked spaces in the upper car park. Otherwise, we ask visitors to use the lower car park, which is a little further along the road.

The walk really is brief and pleasant, as are most of the grounds of a hospital where you will be made welcome.

Visiting Hours & Facilities

Visiting Is From Monday to Sunday

11am – 7pm

If you are at our hospital with a patient having an outpatient procedure, you can make yourself at home in the waiting area during their treatment. A restful place, with comfortable seats and free tea, or coffee.

Where you are visiting an inpatient, you are again welcome to make use of the waiting area, or the patient’s private room. A guest menu is available at a moderate cost, if you wish to join them in a meal.

Unless you are using one of the disabled spaces in the upper car park, we ask that visitors use the lower car park, just moments away.

This leaves nearby parking open for patients, although all parking is free and you can stay as long as you wish. The support you offer to the person you are visiting is an asset.

The main entryway to The New Foscote Hospital
Main entrance at The New Foscote Hospital
A private hospital room with fresh towels and gown
The private staff area at The New Foscote Hospital

Why Visitors Matter

Even a luxurious, well staffed hospital room can feel a little lonely. Or a patient may be thinking of procedures to come, or quite often about their family.

Spending time with a partner, family member, or friend can make all the difference and see any adverse thoughts vanish.

Visitors are welcome across much of the day and evening. They can eat with patients if they wish, or where mobility allows, take a walk with them in pleasant grounds.

Time passes more quickly and feels normal, confidence and focus on the benefits of treatment are restored. Boosting the spirits of the person you are visiting and aiding their recovery.

Our team will be there for them and are not rushed but this isn’t the same as a person you are close to. Time with them rightly matters more.

Our Facilities

The best healthcare requires and deserves the finest facilities, to aid diagnostics, treatment, surgery and your recovery to full health. 

A radiologist looks at X-Rays on a monitor

On site X-ray and MRI

With on site diagnostic facilities including ultrasound, x-ray and MRI, analysing symptoms is an immediate process. Travelling is eliminated and our patients receive the prompt care many conditions benefit from.

Surgeons and an anaesthetist with a patient in theatre

State of the Art Theatres

Our newly refurbished surgical theatres are equipped with the latest technology.. To provide a perfect environment for our skilled consultants and high levels of safety, to reassure and protect our patients.

A private hopital room at The New Foscote Hospital

Beautiful Private Wards

Any stay at The New Foscote Hospital includes a private, en-suite room, a choice of freshly prepared meals and dedicated care from our nursing team. A pleasure to experience and an asset for speedy recovery.

A TENS machine being used on a patient's elbow

Physio and Recovery

Physiotherapy can be valuable after injury, or trauma but is also a factor in making other vital treatment successful, including surgery. The reason we have an in house physio suite and a fine team to support you..

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