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MRI Scans in Banbury

A dedicated, on site facility, providing private MRI and MRE scans, for insured and self-pay patients.

An MRI technician operates the MRI machine
An MRI technician looks at scans on their computer
The MRI room with calming natural scenes on the walls and ceiling

A Vital Aid To Diagnosis

Almost 4 million magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans take place in the UK each year. They can provide images of any area of the body, from any direction.

The magnetic fields and radio waves used do not create ionizing radiation, which can have harmful effects. Precautions may be needed for patients with implants but MRI is a safe procedure.

An ability to provide better soft tissue images than other approaches is the cornerstone of MRI. Offering clear differentiation between fat, water, muscle and other soft tissue.

In some cases, this can be more valuable for bone imaging than x-ray, or CT scans. For key organs, there is no finer approach.

The core value is of course MRI’s ability to assist with diagnosis, on a wide variety of conditions. Of help to our consultants and a greater benefit to their patients.

Our MRI scanning facility is designed to help patients feel calm and confident during their scan. Having an on-site MRI helps our consultants bring faster, efficient diagnosis, rather than you spending weeks, or months on a waiting list.

Dr Matthew Train

Consultant Radiologist

A technician operating the MRI machine
Consultant in discussion with a patient

MRI At The New Foscote

Along with short waiting times, our professional radiography team provide the highest standards of care . 

  • Exceptional Facilities

    The New Foscote Hospital’s MRI facility has been created with our patients wellbeing in mind. You should feel relaxed throughout your scan

  • Renowned Consultants

    Along with a pleasant environment and support from exceptional staff, the department is consultant led. Consultant radiologists ensure that our patients receive individual care and advice, along with accurate results.

Radiology Consultants

Our consultant radiologists are highly regarded in their field and supported by a dedicated team of technicians.

Dr Raj Chari

Dr Raj Chari

Consultant Musculoskeletal Radiologist

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