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X-Rays In Banbury

A consultant led clinic with prompt access to individual care, for comfort and diagnostic accuracy.

A radiologist looks at X-Rays on a monitor
A radiologist operating the X-Ray
A patient consulting their doctor

The Anchor Of Medical Imaging

X-rays use a form of high energy electromagnetic radiation, similar to visible light, to generate images of structures inside your body.

The idea may seem to have been around for a while but x-ray machines and safety have improved. They remain one of the best ways to reveal a wide range of trauma damage, or internal conditions.

Our hospital ensures x-ray facilities are available on site because of the amount of information our consultant radiologists can see. Providing insight to their colleagues and prompt treatment for patients.

This could be for bone injuries, dislocated joints, or tumours which have been revealed. X-rays can penetrate swelling, find foreign objects, Identify structural problems.

They remain a crucial and relatively low cost form of medical imaging. Helping to add reality to symptoms and provide patients with solutions they need.

With dedicated X-Ray facilities, we can get you seen quickly with a referral from any of our consultants. Getting you on your way to a diagnosis means faster access to treatment, and less worry for you.

Dr Raj Chari

Consultant Musculoskeletal Radiologist

A nurse takes a patient's blood pressure
A patient consulting their doctor

Why Choose The New Foscote?

Not only are our waiting times shorter, at The New Foscote Hospital we provide the highest standards of care from our professional team and our outstanding facilities. 

  • Exceptional Facilities

    Our radiology department has been newly refurbished, and is designed to provide patients with a relaxing atmosphere, so you will feel calm and confident throughout your procedure.

  • Renowned Consultants

    The New Foscote Hospital works with some of the UK’s most prominent consultants and consultant surgeons, ensuring you receive the very best advice, care and treatment.

Radiology Consultants

Our consultant radiologists are both highly experienced and highly regarded in their field, and are supported by a dedicated team of technicians, nurses and support staff.

Horace D'Costa

Dr Horace D’Costa

Consultant Gastrointestinal Radiologist

Dr Raj Chari

Dr Raj Chari

Consultant Musculoskeletal Radiologist

Dr Matthew Train

Dr Matthew Train

Consultant Radiologist

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